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Onn Ink Cartridges Customer Service

Onn Ink Customer Service

  • Onn Ink Cartridges Customer Service Phone Number: 877-925-3700
  • Or you can check website for support: www.cartridge-support.com
  • You also can contact walmart onn electronics customer service for help
  • Onn electronics customer support team
  • Walmart’s electronics support team: 1-888-516-2630
  • Onn Customer Service Number
  • Walmart Customer Service Number: 1-800-925-6278
  • Onn Electronics Customer Service Number
  • Walmart Electronic Customer Service Number: 844-334-2355

Tips for using your Remanufactured Cartridge

Installation Optimum Performance Instructions
Refer to the Printer Instruction Manual for procedures in removing and installing the
inkjet cartridge.
Carefully remove the protective clip and/or tape from the cartridge(if present),before
installing the cartridge into the printer.
Follow the instructions on the printer or computer screen to continue installation(in most
cases the printer or computer indicates to press”OK”or”Continue”).After following these
instructions,cartridge will perform properly until end of life.
Keep your cartridge working by disabling automatic firmware updates
See www.cartridge-support.com for instructions

For questions,visit cartridge-support.com

Recommended Troubleshooting Tips to Improve Cartridge Performance
Perform printer cleaning cycle.Print 1 to 3 test pages to ensure proper ink flow.
If the printer does not recognize the cartridge,remove the cartridge and gently wipe
the electrical contacts of the cartridge using a paper towel.
Once removed from the printer,do not pull/peel/remove any component from product.
This causes damage to the cartridge.
To clean,blot print head on damp paper towel until ink flow is visible and then gently place
back in printer.Caution,ink may stain underlying surface.
Consult the Printer Instruction Manual for more details.
For Cartridge Support,please visit www.cartridge-support.com
24 hours a day,or call 877-925-3700 for assistance.

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